Watch this first! | AcreMade Substitute - How to Scramble

First impressions count, and we aim to leave a good one. AcreMade Plant-Based Egg Substitute is a new ingredient and thus cooks differently than traditional eggs. Watch this video to learn how to prepare our eggs and make a perfect egg scramble every time! 

Here are the most important things to consider when making AcreMade Egg Substitute:

  1. Start with cold water. Using too warm or hot water will not work as it will result in a soft and mushy texture. Cold water allows for the batter to hydrate adequately before cooking.
  2. Use a hot pan. Preheat your pan on medium to medium-high. Once hot, you can start cooking!
  3. Patience, patience, and more patience. When cooking on the skillet, pour the batter evenly and cook it undisturbed for at least 1.5-2 minutes. We like to say that you should treat it like a pancake, letting the bottom firm up. Once you can lift it from the bottom without breaking (like a pancake), scramble it up or flip it for an omelet.

AcreMade Egg Substitute is versatile and can be prepared using the microwave or oven to make egg bites. 

  • Microwave: Ideal for 2-3 servings. Mix with cold water, add your favorite inclusions, let hydrate, then microwave for about 2 minutes. Once firm, fluff with a fork and let cool (product may be extremely hot!) and enjoy.
  • Oven: Use in a muffin tin or baking dish @ 350°F for 25 minutes.

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