Acremade is ushering in a new era of plant-based eggs with delicious, easy-to-use, nutritious products free from the top 8 allergens and that unlock a world of potential within plant-based eating and baking. Whether you love animals too much to eat them, or want to clean up the planet while you clean your plate, Acremade has you covered.

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Meet the mighty pea.

Acremade is new, but our roots grow deep. Built on a foundation of 40 years of plant-based food expertise, we've developed an egg* made from yellow field peas, a nutritious and planet-friendly pulse that fills hungry bellies while fueling a regenerative food system at the same time.

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Crack open something new with this skillet-friendly scramble.

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Ensure your next baking masterpiece is plant-powered perfection.

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There’s a world of potential in a single pea

Chopping vegetables
Omelet in skillet
scramble being scooped