Free from the things that takethesatisfactionoutofeatingwell.
  • Questionable Sourcing: Our peas are sourced from domestic growers and not shipped overseas

  • Glyphosate-Residue: Our contracted growers are banned from using desiccants (like Roundup)

  • GMOs: AcreMade only purchases non- GMO peas of a patented variety

  • Allergens: AcreMade products are made without any of the top 8 allergens

  • Animals/Factory Farms & Associated Risks: Ethical and disease-related concerns associated with animal agriculture (like Avian Flu)

  • Large Carbon Footprint: Plant based food have a smaller footprint than their animal counterparts, with peas among the crops with the smallest environmental impact


Acremade is free from the things that take the fun out of eating well. Whether you're an allergy household, an ethical vegan, an environmental steward, or just plant-curious, we give egg-free egg lovers something to cluck about.

Omelet in skillet