Acremade Plant-Based Textured Pea Protein

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AcreMade Textured Pea Protein lets you make mouth-watering plant-based ground meat dishes. This clean flavor meat replacement is easy to prepare; hydrate with water, season to your liking, and cook however desired. Packed with 21g of protein per serving, once hydrated and seasoned with your favorite spices, it has the texture and experience of meat. Make meat-free tacos, pasta dishes, burgers, curry, and beef bowls with AcreMade Textured Pea Protein.

  • 1 lbs is equal to 3lbs of plant-based ground meat when hydrated (1:3 Ratio)
  • Cholesterol-free, non-GMO, top 9 allergen-friendly, and kosher
  • Grown, processed, and packaged in North America
  • A better-for-you option that is also better for the planet

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