Acremade Plant-Based Naked Protein Bites

Acremade Naked Protein Bites is a plant-based meat ready to be seasoned and prepared however you like. Our Naked Protein Bites are made with just five ingredients – pea protein, pea fiber, pea starch, water, and salt. With simple ingredients and a clean, neutral taste, you can marinade however you want to mimic chicken, steak, or pork. Naked Protein Bites holds up to the meaty texture, is packed with plant protein, and is ready to be added to your next entree.

  • Cholesterol-free, non-GMO, top 9 allergen friendly, and kosher
  • Grown, processed, and packaged in North America.
  • A better-for-you option that is also better for the planet
  • Available in bulk and 10lb cases for food service; please inquire for more information

Learn more about it here in this blog post!

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