Acremade Plant-Based SoLow Burger

Acremade SoLow Plant-Based Beef allows you to feed more people and more of what they crave. SoLow Plant-Based Beef has a meaty flavor and juicy texture that keeps people wanting more. With 25-46% less sodium than other plant-based meat alternatives, you can flavor dishes or burgers your way. We make it possible to add plant-based alternatives comparable to meat in protein content.

  • Cholesterol-free, non-GMO, top 9 allergen-friendly, and kosher
  • Grown, processed, and packaged in North America.
  • A better-for-you option that is also better for the planet
  • Available in 40 - 4oz patties or 10lb bulk ground for food service. Order locally in Minnesota through Performance Food Group or inquire for more information.

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