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Plant-Based Egg Substitute Foodservice Case

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Frozen Plant-Based Egg Patty Foodservice Case

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Plant-Based Egg Replacer for Baking

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Plant-Based Protein Scramble Cups

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AcreMade Meat Alternatives

Plant-Based solutions that give the power back to the chef.

SoLow Plant-Based Ground

AcreMade delights with the full flavor and juicy texture meat-lovers crave, but with 25% less sodium found in other plant-based meats. Available in patties or ground, one serving packs 20g of protein, is a good source of fiber, and has no cholesterol thanks to Non-GMO, North American grown, processed and packed pea ingredients. A crave-able, sustainable choice.

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Naked Protein Bites

AcreMade Naked Protein Bites are a protein packed, allergen friendly, US grown-and-made solution for eaters everywhere. At 33g protein per serving, 4g of dietary fiber, and a 5 ingredient label, AcreMade Naked Protein Bites are a first-of-its-kind solution that gives chefs a brand new ingredient to expand their vegan offerings.

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